Autism Training Center

Uyum Special Education and Rehabilitation Center is established in 08.08.1988 in order to give education and psychological support to individuals and families at all ages who need special education requirement

“Uyum Special Education Primary School”, first education institute of our company, started to give education in 1988 and stopped its activities in 2010.
Second education institution named “Uyum Special Education Primary School-2” opened in Gülhane Military Medical Academy campus started to give education in 2002 and had been transferred to GÜLSAV with its staff, students, licences and documents in 2003. 

"Uyum Special Education Course” started its activities in 2005. With the legislative regulations it had been continued to give education as “Uyum Special Education and Rehabilitation Center” since 2010 to July 2015 

Since July 2015 Uyum Special Education and Rehabilitation Company has expanded its field which covers the subjects mentioned below.

Babies ;
The assessment of child development and to follow-up ,
To plan play activities which support the development,
To upskill play to the families,
To support the families to get their children adopt toilet training, sleep and nutrition subjects,
To inform and guide the family about developmental fields,
Preschool and school-age children ;
The assessment of development ,
To guide and consult in the educational subjects of kindergarden/school readiness, orientating, study, social skills development, etc.,
To inform, guide and support the families about educational difficulties and the solutions,
Special needs the child and adolescent (Attention deficit, Hyperactivity, Learning disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Difused Developmental Disorder, Mentally difficulty,…);
The assessment of development,
To prepare a program in accordance with personal needs,
To upskill the families to practise the program,
To inform, guide and support the families about behavioral problems and solutions,
About the subjects that the Education Institutions and Educators need ;
To organise informative meetings,
Educational consultation,
To build joint projects,
Adolescents and Adults ;
Psychological Consultation


  • Autism Training Center
  • Autism Training Center
  • Autism Training Center
  • Autism Training Center




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