Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can parents understand immediately that their child is with autism?
The parents consult the doctor with the suspicion of hearing problem. Because the children do not respond the sounds around them . Sometimes although the mothers understand, they do not believe and accept the disorder. ”Every child is not same, that’s mine” she says but this nonacceptance causes the lose of time for the treatment.

2- Do not forget to screen your child while growing!
If your answers are “No” for the questions below, please do not lose time to consult a doctor.
* At the end of 12 months: Does your child smile to mother or babysitter? Is afraid of foreign people?  Follow the movements of the objects with eyes?
* At the end of 18 months: Can your child walk without help? Speak or say a few short sentences? React to pain?
* At the end of 24 months: Does your child listen and follow the simple instructions? Play with the other children? Join the group when the other children form?
* At the end of 36 months: Does your child understand all the sentences and follow the instructions? Recognize the difference of the shapes and colors of the objects? Can run or hit the ball?

3- “Is there a solution for Autism”
The nonreformer psychiatrists and neuorologists prescribe non-therapeutic drugs. Moreover, some of them can say “Only the education can help if education benefits your child. If education  does not benefits, there is no treatment.” In modern medicine, this is different. There are many children who are treated with biomedical treatment, even the number of them is not less.


4- What is the age range for the success of the treament?
How earlier for consulting the doctor, it is better. Ages 1-3 is the golden days for the treatment. But also at every age there is progress. So whatever the age of your child, please consult the doctor for your children. Some doctors may say to wait that your child will speak at any time, please do not listen them. The earlier the disorder is diagnosed, the sooner specific interventions may begin.


5- Is Autism a genetic disorder?
Autism often is not a genetic disorder. Genetic diseases are more in the regions where the number of consanguineous marriages is high. But there is no increase in autism in these regions.


6- Is there an increase in autism?
Autism is spreading just like an uncontrollable epidemic illness. According to the National Health Statistics Report published in the United States, in 2007 one in every 86 people is with autism, in 2012 this number becomes one in every 50 people. The latest researchs made in the United States show that one person in every 38 people is with autism.

7- What are the reasons of this increase?
Increase in the usage of antibiotics, usage of the multiple virus vaccines that are involving materials like mercury-aliminium, the increase in the cesarean births, exposing heavy metals, drug and toxins due to the decrease of the vitamin and mineral content of the vegetables and fruits.


8- What is the importance of the diet in the treatment?
Due to the intestinal disorder, children with autism cannot digest gluten which is the lactoprotein of casein and wheat protein, and it causes addiction. In fact, milk, milk products and gluten products desensitise these children by showing the effect of morphine. Therefore, the pain sensation of these children is extremely low . For instance, they fall but they do not scream although the other children scream.
“Milk and gluten products desensitise autistic children like morphine .”


9- What happens when the milk products and gluten products are excluded from the diet?
Firstly,  they want these products like drug addicts. But in time their sensation develop and there is increase in their talking. Although every child has not the same progress but excluding the casein and gluten has very successful results on three out of four autistic children. Especially on the children who love these products exteremely and has lower pain sensation, this method is more successful. 

10- To prevent autism, what can be done  prior to birth? Otizmi önlemek için doğum öncesinde ne yapmak gerekir?
* To avoid the processed, packaged foods containing additives,flour and sugar.
* To eat more vegetables and less sugary fruits. Eating enough omega 3 sourced foods. To satisfy the need of Vitamin D.
* To avoid the “light” written foods and sweetener containin foods.
* To eat the probiotics rich foods like kefir, yogurt, pickle, vinegar and boza. 
* To avoid unfermenting yogurt, milk not forming cream, sunflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil and margarine.
* Do not eat the fish and seafood containing mercury and other heavy metals. (Small Fish like anchovy and sardine contains less heavy metals). During the pregnancy period do not have the vaccines having mercury. If you have the amalgam fillings which contains mercury  in your teeth, they have to be removed from your teeth.


Reference: Interviews and the book “Autism has a solution” of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Aydın and Exp. Dr. Cem Kınacı.






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