Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda

*He was born in Ankara in 1956.
*In 1980 he graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine.
*In 1982 he started specialization at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Neurosurgery Department.
*In 1986 he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Sleep Disorders Research Center at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston in the United States.
*In 1988 finished specialization and started to work as an expert at the same clinic.
*In 1990 he completed his post graduate education on  Skull Base Neurosurgery subject in the United Kingdom at University of London,  Institute of Neurology, Gough-Cooper Department of Neurosurgery with  Prof. Dr. Lindsay Symon, Senior Lecturer Mr.David Thomas and Mr. Alan Crockard.
*In 1992 he studied Skull Base subject with  Prof. Madjid Samii at Hannover Medical School, Nordstadt Hospital,Department of Neurosurgery in Germany and attended  IV. lnternational Course on Clinical Neurosurgery course..
*In 1994 he worked in Skull Base Neurosurgery program with  Prof. Ossama Al-Mefty at  University of Arkansas in the United States.
*In 1996 he performed a study on Skull Base subject with  Prof. Dr. Laligam N. Sekhar and Prof. Dr. Donald Wright at University of George Washington in the United States and he gave a lecture on Skull Base subject at the same university.
*In 1992, 1993, 1994, 2000 and 2001 he worked in the Board of Directors of Turkish Neurosurgical Society.
*He is the member of Turkish Neurosurgical Society,Turkish Association for Cancer Research and Control, European Society For Stereotactic and Functional Neurosurgery , European Skull Base Society, The Pituitary Society and North American Skull Base Society.
*In 1992 Assistant Professor,
*In 1993  Associate Professor,
*In 1999 he became a Professor..
*In 2006 he retired from the  Ankara University Faculty of Medicine.
*In 2007 he has a right to work at DHCC within Harvard Medical School in U.A.E in Dubai.
*Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda has developed surgical devices patented as Utility Model 936 and Utility Model 937 of  Turkish Patent Institute.
*Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda has 221 national publications, 11 national courses organized by him, 8 national book sections published.
*Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda has 57 international publications and 73 international congress and conference presentations.
*He gave 11 lectures about Stem Cell. He has 2 international, 1 national broadcast.


  • Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda
  • Prof. Dr. Haluk Deda




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