Why Health Tourism

To Heal Abroad is Cheaper:

For most of the people lower price is the main advantage of health tourism. In many countries the price of health care products and services are more expensive than the sum of the costs spent for travelling abroad and medical treatment.
It is possible to have treatment at the high performance hospitals or treatment centers in the most economical way through a good medical tourism company.

To Have Treatment At The High Quality Medical Centers  Serving Abroad;
It is possible to have treatment at the high standardized medical centers which has the best doctor staff  through a very good consultant company. In Turkey through health tourism companies it is more likely to reach the new or renewed private hospitals which are up-to-date.   Doctors working at these hospitals are highly educated in Eurpoean  Standards. Moreover,  these hospitals work  with the superior service mentality as the hospitals in U.S.

The Opportunity of a  Nice Holiday with at Small Expense:
The patients travel for less important treatments have the chance of  being at  beautiful resorts through a very good  medical tourism company. Patients have very good time with their families and the problems that can occur after surgery are more easily be overcome. Less than the cost of such operation they pay in their country, they have the possibility for a holiday  with their family. There are many holiday alternative  in Turkey’s every part preferably for everyone .

Advantage of  Medical Tourism for  Uninsured People:
For example in U.S.A  61 million  people  either has no insurance or insurance offers very limited services. In many countries the same case is seen. For example, dental or cosmetic surgery is out of the insurance cover. Citizens must pay these expenses themselves. Therefore, it may be more advantegous to go abroad for out of insurance cover treatments. These therapies are frequently performed in Turkey through medical tourism companies. 

Medical Tourism Provides  the Possibility of Confidential Treatment:
Patients can have confidential treatments through the health tourism. In this way they can be far away from  unwanted questions and prejudices. For example, patients who want to have in vitro fertilization  treatment, breast augmentation,  gynecomast , etc. and do not want to explain to their relatives may prefer medical  tourism. In Turkey all treatments are in high quality and as the principle of medical tourism consultant companies, all information about the patients and treatment are  kept confidental  in the privacy of patients. In addition, to have quality services in shorter time,to have  highest health technology, to lower the cost of health  are the necessities of health tourism.





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