Prof. Dr. Onder Arslan

Dr. Onder Arslan was born in Ankara in 1963.  He completed his middle and high school education at T.E.D. Ankara College. In 1987 he graduted from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine as a medical doctor. Between 1987-1993 he completed his specialization at Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Ibn-i Sina Hospital and he became Internal Medicine Specialist. In the period of his specialization in 1991, he attended as an observer about Bone Marrow Transplantation at Royal Postgraduate Medical School Hammersmith Hospital. In 1993 he became entitled to receive the certificate of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates by passing the exams. He performed his compulsory service task at Ankara Oncology Hospital as an Internal Medicine Specialist. In July 1995 he started his sub-branch specialization at Hematology Department of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine and in July 1997 he completed and became Hematology Specialist. After that, he completed his Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine Specialization for one year period at New York Blood Center in the United States with the support of Turkish Education Foundation. In July 1998 he returned Turkey and he began as a consultant at Hematology Department of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine. In 1998 he became Associate Professor in Internal Medicine/Hematology branch, in 2004 became Professor. He still continues his mission in the same field. Dr. Arslan has 80 articles published in international journals. He is the coordinator of Ankara University Blood Banks, member of Stem Cell Institute Board and member of Non-relatives Tissue and Cord Blood Executive Council. He is the president of Aferez Association and general secretariat of European Aferez Association. Dr. Arslan is married and has two children.

  • Prof. Dr. Onder Arslan




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