Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital


The Private Kavaklidere Umut Hospital has been founded in early 2006 with the adequate physical basic facilities to serve in demand on general purpose hospitalization. We are uprising the quality of medical services to the top with our modern medical technological basic facilities and recent medical staff whom are specialists in their job.

The Private Kavaklidere Umut Hospital is serving in Anaya  / Ankara “the capital city of Turkey” with the 5000m2 closed area including 4 operating rooms, 57 beds for medical establishment, 11 beds for  intensive care, and 12 beds for medical monitorisation. All the rooms in the hospital are designed to satisfy the necessities of the patients and their relatives and have equipped with the adjustable beds, nursing call system, air conditioning, bathroom (including sink, shower, and toilet), LCD, phone, wireless internet and all the rooms are suitable for the disabled patients.

The Private Kavaklidere Umut Hospital is providing medical and surgical services in Anesthesiology and Reanimation, Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Neurosurgery, General Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery, Ear-Nose-Throat, Head and Neck Surgery, Urology, Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.

Patients on going surgery are evaluated by the anesthesiology and reanimation specialist for the adequate anesthetic method and parameters that are crucial for life  like the rhythm and rate of heart, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels are  closely monitorised all through the hospitalization process. Right after the surgery (the early postoperative period) the anesthesiology and reanimation specialist begins the pain therapy in the operating room and patient is reawakened with no pain or with the least pain. The patient is sent to his bed with the PCA (pain killers are given by a pump to a vessel or an epidural catheter).

The patients in need of Intensive Care are followed and treated by the anesthesiology and reanimation specialist and medical stuff in Cardiovascular ICU, Coronary ICU, Internal Medicine and Surgery ICU’s.

Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery departments are providing 24/7 service through the year. Around 1000 cardiovascular surgery per year is being performed and this number is uprising every year of which is mostly consists of the coronary bypass of adult patients and the other vascular surgery procedures. The Cardiovascular Surgery team is performing the Minimal Invasive Cardiac (small incision) surgery procedure with a great success which can be performed by only a few hospitals in Turkey. With this technique some cardiac bypass, aorta and mitral valves surgeries can be performed and defects of atrial septa (ASD) can be operated.

Orthopedics and Traumatology department is serving in medical and surgical treatment and monitoring of muscle and skeleton systems diseases. Arthroscopic surgery technique is used to treat knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and ankle.

In Neurosurgery department the surgical procedures for the spinal cord, peripheral nerves and brain are performed with the modern medical equipment.

In general surgery department laparoscopy technique is used for gall bladder, hiatus hernia, gastroesophageal reflux surgery and some operations of large and small intestines.

In Ear-Nose-Throat, Head and Neck Surgery department the medical and surgical treatment can be performed. The microscope and endoscopy is used in examination or in surgery for the appropriate cases.

The medical and surgical treatments of adults and children are performed successfully in our Urology department.

  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital
  • Kavaklıdere Umut Hospital




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