Prof. Dr. Mustafa Rıza Özbek (Plastics and Reconstructive Specialist)

Mustafa Rıza Özbek was born in 19.01.1952 Malatya, Turkey. He graduated from Ankara Namık Kemal elementary and middle school from Ankara Namık Kemal middle school. He graduated from Ataturk Ankara science high school with a high degree in 1969. The same year he entered Ankara University Medical Faculty and graduated from it in1975. After graduating from university, till February 1976 he went to Goethe Institution in Arolsen and Göttingen and got certificates for language and medical German language courses. After finishing courses he started his career. as specialist in general surgery and traumatology in March 1979.  In 1981,in Germany he got his major in Gutenberg Mainz University and he started working in the same university as major chief resident. In 1979 he got certificate on traumatology A.O in Bohum University Medical School and Experimental Micro vascular surgery -certificate from Hamburg University in 1983.During the years 1982-1984 he worked as chief resident in Mainz University Idar- Oberstien medical school surgery department.

Because of his military service, he went back to Turkey in 16.06.1984. He approved his major by attending general surgery exam in Ankara Gazi University Medical Faculty. He made a part of his military service in Gulhane Medical School in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department then he became a lieutenant in GATA burn center.

After finishing military service, he specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Ankara University Medical Faculty during April 1998 he became an assistant professor in the same university. During this time, he took part in International Interplast programs that took place in countries like India and Kenya. In 1989 he got certificates by attending the surgeries and seminars on, clinic on Experimental and Clinic Microsurgeries, which took place in Edinburgh and Glasgow, England.

In 1991 he got certificate by attending “Breast Symposium” in New York, U.S.A. In mach 1992 he took part in International Microsurgery Symposium in St.Louis, Missouri, as a panelist and gave lecture. He also took part in surgeries and courses.

In 22.10.1992 he became associate Professor of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During 1992-1993 he worked in Washington University, St Louis, U.S.A m as a visiting professor. By getting legal working permission from U.S.A he made surgeries and worked in research laboratory. During his work in U.S.A, in October 1992 he presented laboratory research results in international research conference in Arizona. In April1993 he presented research results in Huston research Council Medical Center. In June 1993 he attended International Microsurgery meeting in Austria, as an invited lecturer. In November 1993he attended American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery Conference in Kansas as a lecturer. He became a member of American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery Association.

In 1995 he was invited as a lecturer in International Hand surgery conference held in Helsinki, Finland. In 1996 he became a Professor in Ankara University Plastic and Reconstructive surgery clinic and is working there at present.

Prof. Dr Mustafa Rıza Özbek, who is married and has two children, speaks English and German fluently. He has many papers in Turkish and foreign languages. He visited several countries in the world within the inter-plast activity where the people really plastic and reconstructive surgery like cleft lipp palate need  .Dr Özbek is also a civil pilot who attends international air races and presents Turkey successfully.


  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Rıza Özbek (Plastics and Reconstructive Specialist)




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