Our service policy

1)            Sending the documents (reports, diagnoses, opinions,etc) required from the related person/institutions (Ministry/ Embassies/ Hospitals/ Doctors/ Tourism Companies/ Personally) to our contracted specialist doctors/ health centers to be observed, with regard to this observations presenting  the reports of treatment and detailed proposals to the related person/institutions. . 
2)            If requested,  establishing direct contact  between people (authorized person-doctor etc)  in patient's country and  with the people who perform the treatment in Turkey (Hospital-Treatment center Doctor,  etc) for communion.
3)            If  it is not possible to agree with our contracted health care providers (hospital, treatment center-doctor, etc) for the coming  patients' treatment, preparing the researches about the specialist doctors and hospitals of the subject and presenting the patients/ institutions the detailed reports. If confirmed, detailed  proposals will be presented.
4)            Preparing the documents (airport transfer, doctor appointments, surgeries, etc) necessary for coming patients  by us and subsequently informing the patients or institutions about the organizations.
5)            Placing the coming patients and  companions to our contracted health care providers hospitals, hotels and  houses as requested.
6)            Providing  private consultant translator available 24/7 for coming patients and  their families .
7)            Forwarding the reports to the requested person/institution which our doctors working in our structure or the contracted doctors who knows foreign language (according to the patient's language) is prepared with  the routine controls or  the reports from the doctors who performs the treatment.
8)            As agreed  at the beginning allocating vehicles (ambulance, helicopter, minibus, plane, automobile, etc.) that is appropriate for the coming patients.
9)            Providing continuous coordination service together with  expert/executive at the embassy.
10)  In case of illness of tourists in our country, providing emergency organizations (ambulance, doctor, hospital, translator etc.) and  providing patients to have treatment by specialist.
11)         In case of patients and companions  request, providing phone with a phonebook  that are being required (our company phones, consultants phones, emergency phones, our embassy phones, hotel, etc) those are being used in Turkey and  allocation of phone line.
12)         Extra If requested , providing (receiving confirmation for payment  and  for other information from Ministry and/or embassies etc.) allocation of desired luxurious cars and hotels.
13)         Extra If requested, (receiving confirmation for payment  and  for other information from Ministry and/or embassies etc.) organizing tours to the desired places in Ankara and in Turkey.
14)         Extra If requested, (receiving confirmation for payment  and  for other information from Ministry and/or embassies etc.) arranging shopping/activity organizations for the companions.
15)         Our primary service concept is responding  every need  by making economic agreements with the doctors and health care providers (who are the  best and famous in their  field) in accordance with the coming requests and needs. 




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